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"We are looking forward to welcome you soon at our place. We would be pleased to take the time to provide you with consultation"

Welcome to Bregenz!

... a great place to see the wide reaches of the Lake Constance and the beauty of the Alps.

The Bregenz site of Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech is just a stone's throw from Lake Constance, a popular vacation area in the heart of Europe (easily accessible from Germany and Switzerland). We will be glad to support you in organizing your stay in Bregenz (travel, transportation, accommodation etc.).

In addition to a wide range of modern treatment options of certified quality and based on scientifically sound technologies, we offer medical advice in several languages (German, English, Croatian, Greek).

Our range of services is geared to providing you with the support you need during fertility treatment. For instance, if you wish we can also establish all required medical results on-site at our IVF Center during your initial consultation. We are happy to assist and support you - even at weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and on public holidays.

Dr. Maximilian Murtinger

Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics
Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech

Together, we are at your service
- in a variety of situations, on every day!

We strongly emphasize that the competence and know-how of the entire team of physicians, biologists, including specialists from the fields of gynecology, endocrinology, andrology and genetics are available to you seven days a week.

We can help you!

A pleasant and warm atmosphere, empathy, medical knowledge and expertise are the key to fulfilling your dream of having a child. "Striving for excellence" in all our endeavors, we will do our utmost to earn your trust and are looking forward to welcome you at our premises.

Our Range of Services


Our specially trained team in the Info Center offers you a comprehensive consulting and information platform - before, during and after the treatment. Every day, this service is gladly used by hundreds of couples dealing with infertility issues. Here they can get answers to frequently asked questions quickly and easily (via phone or e-mail). The first contact, the scheduling of appointments (e.g. initial consultation) and guidance are very much a part of that service, as is the emotional support we offer.

Various opportunities for obtaining advance information

If, for example, you do not yet wish to arrange your initial consultation but would like to get to know us first without any obligation, we can offer you a range of options for obtaining information. This summary is intended to give you an idea of what we have to offer and of what steps are involved in fertility treatment. Moreover, you will learn more about the causes of undesired childlessness, the diagnostic methods available and the possibilities that reproductive medicine has to offer.

Information may be obtained free of charge from Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech:

Patient feedback

"When looking for a specialized clinic, I encountered the Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech. I noted with appreciation that the clinics also enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. The care and treatment is provided by medical specialists, some of whom have decades of experience. The assistants and all the other employees were always caring and supportive."

Nicole Wesner

World boxing champion

"Strong woman, strong step"

In 2018, Nicole Wesner, a professional boxer, placed her trust in us and our many years of experience. From the very outset, she was determined to share her personal story. True to her motto: "Whatever you do, do it with passion", the 41 year-old sportswoman has decided to deal with the matter openly and go down this route in order to encourage all women whose situations are similar to her own.

Treatment is provided even on weekends and public holidays

We attach great importance to being able to provide outpatient treatment even on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays. Why is this so important to us? Let us look at an example: At the end of the stimulation phase, medications (hCG) are used to trigger final oocyte maturation. This means that there is only a narrow window of time during which the patient has to undergo follicular aspiration at our IVF Center. In this context, the duty roster of the treating doctor should not play any role whatsoever. Nor is it important whether the aforementioned time window for the procedure falls on a Sunday or public holiday, since this extended availability is a crucial factor for a successful treatment outcome. All doctors and biologists on duty there are familiar with the current status of each patient’s treatment. Seamless documentation is contained in the electronic patient file - and it is retrievable at any time. This approach enables you to receive optimal care by a team of highly-qualified specialists, not just from Monday to Friday, but also on public holidays, weekends and during vacations.

"Special" appointments - discreet

You and your partner want to protect your private life and are therefore looking for ways to arrange an appointment outside regular consultation hours. Please get in touch with us. At our location in Bregenz (Austria), we offer a comprehensive range of services exactly tailored to suit these specific needs. We offer you an individual appointment outside our normal office hours (at an extra charge). We have the experience, suitably qualified staff and the infrastructure necessary to provide, for instance, public figures (politicians, business people, actors/actresses, etc.) with professional and discreet advice and treatment. Through the use of scientifically verified and technologically highly advanced therapeutic procedures, we are creating excellent conditions to achieve, with high probability, your dream of having a child.

Diagnostic assessment at the IVF Center

The establishment of medical findings required for planning your treatment represents a first step on your path - our common path - towards fulfilling your dream of having your own baby (e.g. hormonal status, infectious serology). If desired, we can, of course, offer you to establish all medical results at our IVF Centers. The services required for this purpose are additionally charged. We may, for instance, establish the necessary medical results during your initial consultation to save you time-consuming journeys.

Price comparisons for medications

Basically, the specific medicines for IVF treatment can be purchased from any pharmacy. The delivery time amounts as a rule to one day or more. The delivery time for medications (Prontogest, Gestone and Menogon (ampoules)) that have to be imported from other European countries is usually at least one week, and there are often large differences in prices. We would be happy to send you an e-mail with a recent cross-country price comparison of fertility drugs between Austria and Germany. (E-mail: For further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. In emergency situations, we will be glad to help you find a pharmacy where these drugs are available from stock and can be delivered to you within 24 hours by an express service provider (such as EMS, DHL, etc.).

Emergency Phone Number

In the event of emergency situations arising during your treatment, you can reach us outside our normal office hours via our emergency phone number to get medical help at any time. The number can be found in the patient information you will be given.