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Quest for Quality

All our IVF Centers have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification and are subject to a central quality management system. This enables us to establish and further develop quality standards at all our locations. These measures are regularly reviewed by internal and external bodies. The focus here is always on safe and effective therapies and patient well-being.

1. Committed to excellence
2. Longstanding experience
3. Science

1. Committed to excellence

"Committed to excellence" - all our state-of-the-art IVF centers within the Group follow the same guiding principles. Each of them stands for responsible and effective therapies provided by an excellently trained team of specialists. Since we understand the burden undesired childlessness can place on some couples, we endeavor to create an open, friendly atmosphere and attach great importance to the well-being of our patients.

Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech has an outstanding reputation worldwide when it comes to establishing and applying new technologies in fertility treatment and further developing medical procedures in the area of assisted reproduction techniques to improve the couples’ individual chances of having a healthy baby – if possible as early as upon their "first therapy cycle". In Austria as well as in their clinics in neighboring countries, Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech has done pioneering work, including in the field of embryo culture up to the blastocyst stage and the monitoring and assessment of embryos using the EmbryoScope time-lapse system and 24Sure (new techniques for the exact analysis and assessment of embryonic development), by establishing new criteria for the selection of sperm used for the fertilization of ova, the optimization of techniques for the freezing of oocytes and embryos, namely by means of the so-called ‘aseptic vitrification’ (new freezing technique by which cells are transformed to a “glass-like” state) and, last but not least, by the implementation of standardized criteria to ensure objective and reliable assessment of follicular development etc.

Consistent with the commitment to excellence, it has been a matter of concern to Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech from the outset to be at their patients’ disposal seven days a week, inter alia for the following reasons:

  • The optimum moment for oocyte pick-up may vary greatly from one patient to another
  • Due to blastocyst selection and prolonged culture of embryos up to 5 days, it goes without saying that embryo transfer has to be performed on an individual basis on any day of the week!

Here's what matters most to us ...

We are striving for excellence in all of our activities in order to help couples conceive and have a healthy child – if possible as early as upon the first therapy cycle. We are reliable and trustworthy and offer our patients innovative and safe treatments. Every one of our IVF Centers has a caring team that awaits you in a pleasant atmosphere. We are relying on highly-qualified and dedicated physicians, biologists and medical and non-medical staff. We offer state-of-the-art treatment options tailored to the particular medical needs of our patients.

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"What can we expect from the IVF center of our choice?"

2. Longstanding experience

Since the organization was founded in Bregenz in 1984 by Univ. Prof. Herbert Zech, the IVF Centers of the same name have excelled by virtue of certified quality, innovative technologies and passionate commitment. With more than three decades of experience in using assisted reproductive techniques and more than 30,000 ART-conceived children, Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech is today one of the leading specialists in the field of reproductive medicine.

From regional to international, or in other words: from initially 3 to currently more than 140 employees at seven location in Europe and numerous cooperation partners worldwide – the development of Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech is a success story. The introduction of key innovations dominates our activities, today just as it did in the past.

Birth of the world's first "test-tube baby"
Founding of "IVF Zentren Prof. Zech" in Bregenz (AT)
Birth of the first babies conceived via IVF performed by Prof. Zech, in countries such as Austria, the former UdSSR, Hungary
First successful ICSI in Austria (for the first time worldwide in 1992)
Worldwide first successful TESE by Dr. Pierre Vanderzwalmen (who has been a team member of the IVF Centers Prof. Zech since 1994). Subsequently he played a key role in the realization of the first successful TESE in the US.
First vitrification (innovative freezing technique) in Austria
Blastocyst culture performed systematically for the first time
First IVF unit in the world to obtain ISO certification (Bregenz site)
Founding of "IVF Zentren Prof. Zech" in Meran (IT)
Founding of "IVF Zentren Prof. Zech" in Niederuzwil (CH)
Founding of "IVF Zentren Prof. Zech" in Pilsen (CZ)
Pioneering role in the field of polar body diagnostics in Austria
Founding of "IVF Zentren Prof. Zech" in Salzburg (AT)
World's first standardized IMSI (Bregenz site)
From 2008 – Innovative technologies that were met with world-wide acceptance: Sono-AVC, accumulation cycles, vitrification of ova etc.
Founding of "IVF Zentren Prof. Zech" in Vaduz (LI)
Founding of "Zentrum Prof. Zech" in Cologne (DE)
Establishing "Next Generation Sequencing" (groundbreaking analytical method for genetic testing) (Pilsen site)
Development and establishment of molecular sperm diagnostics (semen analysis including detailed molecular biological investigations) (Bregenz site)

2. Science

What do we understand by excellence in reproductive medicine, and how can it be “measured”?

Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech has committed themselve to excellence in various areas. The constant advancement and improvement of medical processes and treatment methods used is certainly one aspect. All these efforts are aimed at realizing the couple’s dream of having a healthy baby – if possible as early as after their “first therapy cycle”. Excellence can only be achieved through the continuous desire for improvement, the sustained willingness to introduce technical innovations, the aim to live up to the highest quality standards and update and broaden knowledge and competence. The effectiveness of this approach is measurable, and the benefits are, among other things, reflected by our successful work in the area of science and research.

Here is an example from 2013: This year alone, 11 scientific papers by Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech were published or accepted for publication. Most of these articles were published in so-called “high-ranked" scientific journals. These academic journals whose relevance is particularly pronounced in the appropriate specialist field are placing very high demands on the contributions published by them. Moreover, our staff provided more than 17 contributions to international congresses in 2013. In four cases, our employees were involved as authors of book contributions – more are currently in the pipeline. As such, Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech has reached an all-time high in 2013 with respect to the number of scientific papers published - a number which even some universities could be jealous of.

This research effort is one of the reasons why Next Fertility IVF Prof. Zech are among the world's leading centers in many areas of reproductive medicine, such as sperm assessment, blastocyst culture, folliculometry by sonography-based automated volume count or aseptic vitrification (using "VitriSafe®"). In summary, the term "excellence" refers to high, consistent quality in the case of both treatment and science & technology in order to help infertile couples realize their long cherished dream of becoming parents.

We believe our task is to provide infertile couples with a real opportunity to realize their dream of having a child. In doing so, we are focusing on safe and tested diagnostics and treatments.