Mental equilibrium and strength - an important success factor in fertility treatment

In a study conducted by the University of Heidelberg, half of the participating physicians consider psychological support necessary for patients undergoing fertility treatment. We share that opinion, but at the same time, we would like to point out the couples’ differing needs. Each of them seeks or requires a different kind of support. Therefore we recommend the following three experts who have special knowledge and experience in mental coaching, psychological counseling or couple therapy respectively.

Psychological Counseling
The psychological counseling by Mag. Karl-Heinz Brandt is based on individual counseling or couple counseling and includes different steps of psychological learning und hypnosis techniques.

Mental Coaching
Mental coaching implies the emotional, personal and individual counseling during 3-4 sessions (5 hours altogether). The coaching takes place within the premises of Mrs Caroline Festini in Bregenz either before or along with the medical treatment.

Fertifit Training Program
The Fertifit training program for couples is composed of modules the effectiveness of which has been investigated and scientifically reviewed. The training program, which involves 5 to a maximum of 8 therapy sessions is offered by the Klaus-Grawe-Institut für psychologische Therapie in Zurich.

If you wish a brief consultation by Mag. Brandt either before or after completing treatment at our IVF Center in Bregenz, please get in touch with one of our Medical Services staff members or call our Information Center.

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