In-vitro fertilization – Optimization of monitoring

Our IVF Centers Prof. Zech have committed themselves to excellence when it comes to helping couples in fulfilling their wish for children by offering top-level treatments ensuring the highest possible quality standards.

To meet this demand, we do not only apply the finest techniques for selecting the best quality blastocysts (such as IMSI, PID/PGD, Assisted Hatching, PICSI and much more), but for us the optimum care for our patients already starts prior to the actual treatment. Of course, do we support “our” couples during the monitoring process of ovarian stimulation and our task only ends with the birth of the longed-for baby.

To monitor follicular growth by ultrasound during ovarian stimulation, we do apply the software "SonoAVC" that has been developed by General Electrics, whereby “AVC” refers to ”Automatic Volume Calculation” together with 3D-based trans-vaginal ultrasound folliculometry.

At Austria’s most important congress on IVF (OEGRM, Saalfelden, 2009) we presented our latest findings on the subject.

We were once again able to show that
  • examination and evaluation take considerably less time
  • the results on volume and quantity of follicles are by far more precise than those obtained by conventional 2D ultrasound scanning
  • the results are reproducible and comparable at any time

The main insight, however, was reflected by the outcome. To date, we achieved the following results in patients monitored by SonoAVC during ovarian stimulation:
  • An increase in high-quality ova obtained at egg-retrieval (criteria in accordance to L. Veek)
  • Considerably improved fertilization rates on day 1 (after in-vitro fertilization / IVF or ICSI/IMSI)
  • Increased number of blastocysts on day 5
In-Vitro fertilization - ulrtrasound monitoring
follicular growth monitoring by ultrasound during ovarian stimulation
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