Fertilovit M
Antioxidative therapy for men who want to conceive a child!

Diagnosis: Reduced sperm quality

Most of our male patients have to deal with a poor semen analysis. They are not alone facing this kind of problem! There is a worldwide decline in sperm quality, but it is getting increasingly rare to be able to pin down the source of the problems (such as infections, varicose veins of the scrotum, accidents, cancer etc.). Impairment of motility, morphology and sperm count can be easily assessed with the help of a comprehensive semen analysis. However, it is difficult to identify sperm featuring DNA-damages which may be induced by oxidative stress. These are precisely the damages that may have particularly serious implications.

The paternal effect is a factor that counts!

The world-congress on antioxidants and infertility issues held in Lyon in April 2010 has got to the heart of the matter: the paternal effects will play an increasingly important role in the treatment of infertility! In addition to treating the women, men should be encouraged to take special antioxidants as concomitant treatment.

Providing support and protection during sperm production is highly recommended

Since sperm cells newly form every three months it is not only a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet that can contribute to the healthy sperm development and maturation throughout these three months: the Swiss company Gonadosan has developed a special fertility supplement. We recommend this dietetic support to all men who want to conceive a child. Specifically coordinated antioxidants, energy carriers and certain micronutrients are intended to protect sperms from oxidative stress. This therapy may result in reducing the alterations in sperm DNA, thus promoting a successful treatment outcome.

Reliable around-the-clock cell-protection

Fertilovit®M is a newly developed dietetic food for special medical purposes and has been tested for efficacy in patients with poor semen analysis results. It contains a precisely inter-coordinated combination of highly-effective antioxidants which – partly in sustained release form – protect sperms 24/7 from harmful oxidative stress. In addition to that, important precursors such as N-acetyl-L-cysteine may encourage the body’s protective mechanisms.

Vital substances promoting a healthier sperm development

Moreover, the energy carrier carnitine and other vital substances essential for spermiogenesis may also improve sperm motility. Lycopene featuring anti-inflammatory properties tends to stabilize the genito-urinary tract.

Important recommendation:

Men undergoing ART (IVF/ICSI or intrauterine insemination) should start taking Fertilovit fertility supplements at least 2 weeks prior to the needed sperm sample. However, we would recommend prolonged administration (3-6 months).

Contrary to previous recommendations and in line with our latest scientific knowledge, we would advise you to increase the frequency of sexual intercourse resp. ejaculations (preferably daily) during the week prior to the planned treatment.

(Explication: Frequent ejaculations increase the turnover of sperm development, thus having a positive impact on sperm quality. The overall quality improves in line with the increased turnover, which is a little like in sports: sports and exercise promote your health provided you practice on a regular basis. Light daily endurance training is healthy, strengthens your muscles and promotes cell regeneration.

In order to avoid the risk of a spontaneous pregnancy during IVF/ICSI treatment that might increase the likelihood of a multiple pregnancy along with all its associated problems, we strongly advise against having unprotected sexual intercourse from 5 days prior to the planned follicular puncture until 2 days after egg-retrieval!

These measures may lead to ejaculate volume alterations, though they promote sperm quality, especially when undergoing a concomitant therapy with antioxidants.

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